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Frequent Urination and Overactive Bladder (OAB) is aggravating and frustrating to say the least.  And it may not stop there.  Sometimes it's accompanied  by pain or discomfort in the bladder area, or in the genital or pelvic region.  And it can progress to something more serious and more painfulInterstitial Cystitis (IC).  Not to mention the embarrassment of constantly visiting the restroom at work, or the inconvenience and nuisance of searching for a bathroom while on the road.

Let's tell it like it is: The nagging need to continually relieve one's bladder and the chronic pain of IC can be sheer torment.  And getting it out of your life will indeed be a joy.


You cured my OAB and IC !  I shall forever be indebted to you and the discovery your research has uncovered.

I am 69, and I'd been suffering with it all my life.  At age 11, I started having a burning sensation in my urinary tract, and also, frequent urination.  Later in my teens, it got much worse, with more and more pain.  I sought a urologist for relief, much to my dismay.

He subjected me to 12 very painful treatments of silver nitrate  
                                      for F
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acid instilled in my bladder.  The pain was unbearable and it did nothing to relieve my condition.

Next, the doctor told me I had polyps in my bladder.  He burned them with an electrical needle, and as a result, I hemorrhaged in the bladder and almost bled to death.

At age 26, I suffered thru a very painful pregnancy.  As the pregnancy progressed, so did my IC pain.  I started seeking treatment everywhere, going to doctors all over the United States, still not knowing there was a name to my illness (I guess they had not come up with a name for it yet).  I kept an open mind and tried anything and everything available, to no avail.  I tried compassionate usage, numerous experimental treatments, orthodox and unorthodox treatments, also, acupuncture.

Years later, after I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, I got treated at a renowned
IC clinic in Beverly Hills, CA.  Later, I was treated at the renowned Oregon Health Science Center, which specialized in DMSO treatments.  I was given DMSO orally, topically, intravenously, and directly into my bladder.  Absolutely nothing helped.  The more my bladder was invaded, the worse I became.

Because of the
IC pain and constant OAB, I became a prisoner to my own bed and bathroom.  Consequently, I was forced to close a very lucrative, nationwide hotel / motel brokerage business.  Many times, I contemplated taking my own life because of the intense pain.  But I didn't really want to die, I just wanted to livefree of pain.

At one point, the wheels were in motion for me to have a cystectomy (removal of bladder parts).  The 10 to 12 hour surgery was scheduled, with no guarantee of success.  But thank God, it did not materialize.

About 3 months ago, I was on the Internet and noticed the word "Cure" on your sponsored link.  I thought to myself, "Yeah, right." But something made me click on it.  The rest is history!

I immediately ordered your email information and right away, it all started to make sense.  So I put your ideas to the test.  It took about 6 weeks to feel the relief of my bladder healing, and as the days passed, I felt better and better.

I can now truthfully state that I am virtually free of pain and OAB symptoms.  Learning from you the real reason for my IC was certainly a wonderful, miracle-like revelation!  I feel as if I have my life back.  I shall forever be indebted to you and the important discovery your research has uncovered.

Suzanne B.
Lakewood, CO




Thank you!  Thank you!  I could drink a cup of water and urinate 20 times.  I had been to a urologist several times and he prescribed medications costing $55 a month.  The meds made my mouth so dry it was almost unbearable, and my vision got so blurry I couldn't read.  I knew then that I had to figure out something else.

While I was in search, I found your website and decided to follow your advise.  Within a couple of weeks, my symptoms were totally gone.  I almost can't believe it.  With everlasting thanks for getting my life back to normal.
                                                      Michael G.
                                                      Studio City, CA


What do doctors recommend as a remedy?  Drugs!  Drugs that ofttimes fail to work and frequently have bothersome side effectslike nausea, headaches, hair loss, rash, upset stomach, abdominal pain, liver function abnormalities, constipation, and dizziness, among others.  And the truth is, prescription drugs don't get to the root of  the problem —they just mask over your symptoms.  They may help you to cope, minimallybut they don't correct the real cause.  And to top it off, drugs are pricey, depleting your pocketbook month after month.

Well, I have some GOOD NEWS !

I have made an AMAZING DISCOVERY! !

 I have truly discovered THE ACTUAL CAUSE

  of  Overactive Bladder/INTERSTITIAL CYSTITIS


My easy-to-read eBook that can



from the misery of this tormenting illness

is only  $37.00 (one-time fee)


How soon will you get results? Right away!  In just a few short days, you will begin to notice a reduction in your Overactive Bladder symptoms.  And in as little as 2 weeks, you'll know that you're on your way to being free of Frequent Urination and IC altogether. Yes, you can be completely free from the curse of Overactive Bladder/IC in just a few weeks. 
Honest. Really. Truly. No gimmicks.



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eBook is downloaded to your computer. 
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Yes, it's true!  Though it may seem hard to believe, I have unquestionably discovered the hidden, biochemical cause THE REAL REASON for OAB and IC and a drug-free cure that gives permanent relief to those who are suffering.

Relentlessly, Overactive Bladder causes you endless physical and mental annoyance that keeps you rushing off to the bathroom, over and over, sometimes for just a few drops.  And it can strike at any time of the day or night, intruding on your activities or disturbing your sleep.

Believe me, I know what you're going through.  I used to suffer from the frustration and pain of Overactive Bladder and Interstitial Cystitis, so I can really sympathize with the distress it brings.  But after I discovered the hidden secret to what was causing it, and corrected it, never again did Frequent Urination and the pain of IC interfere with any aspect of my life.

I now have complete control over my bladder, with a normal eliminative schedule.  In other words, my Frequent Urination and IC problem is now completely cured.  And I guarantee that my discovery this breakthrough solution WILL WORK FOR YOU TOO.


My name is Marie Goodwin, and I have authored an easy-to-read eBook titled, OAB and IC Cured: The True Cause and Solution to OAB and IC Revealed for the First Time

In itthe CAUSE and SOLUTION  
the answer"  is explained in simple language, because fortunately, there’s actually a straight-forward, logical explanation for what causes OAB and
IC.  When you read it, you'll say, "This makes complete, clear-as-day sense."


Yet, I don't want to make it sound too simplistic, for in reality, the Overactive Bladder/IC riddle was a difficult, complex problem to solve.  And that's why no one put the pieces of this puzzle together—until now.

You won’t find this exclusive copyrighted information anywhere else on the Internet.  My book spells it out for you in plain, simple language, telling you exactly what you need to know to put your OAB or IC behind you forever.


No need to spend countless hours of your valuable time searching the internet, only to be led down the wrong path with a flood of contradictory and confusing information.  Your search is overyou've now found "the answer."


For you to understand and appreciate the profound worthiness of this breakthrough discovery, you'll need to read it for yourself in the book.
But I can tell you this:  It's not about herbs, baking soda, or acupuncture.
It's not vegetarianism.  It's not biofeedback.  It's not magnet therapy.  It's
not about massage or aroma therapy.  And it's not about tiring exercise (breathe a sigh of relief).

Nor is it about anything that will strike you oddly.  In fact, it'll be just the opposite. You'll see immediately that this "makes-perfect-sense" natural solution should have been uncovered long ago.  And you'll have no hesitation about implementing the book's advice.  This drug-free miraculous cure has no risks or side effects.  And it will meet with your doctor's approval.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but I state with certainty:

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

This webpage has been on the internet for a while now.  If people weren't getting results, or if this were a scam, we would have been driven out of business long ago.  This is an honest-to-God offer for a legitimate solution to your OAB or IC.  That's why I can offer you a 100% money-back guarantee—because it works.

And the eBook tells you everything you need to know.  You will not be asked to purchase anything else from us beyond the $37 one time fee.

You may have been told by others that there is no cureBut that's all changed.  BECAUSE I NOW HAVE THE CURE FOR OAB and IC.   And there's no need for you to suffer anymore.


Thank you for being brave enough to fly in the face of all the conventional "wisdom" and find a common sense solution that actually works!

Because of the wonderfully kind and thoughtful way you wrote the book, and your story of recovery from OAB and IC, I feel I know you, even though I don't. 

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Your words of hope sustained me through many a dark day, as I recalled your voice telling me to "expect a miracle."

I, too, have suffered from OAB and the pain of IC, with increasing intensity in the last two years.  I thought my story was unusual until I began reading on the internet about others who have the same problems I had.

In addition to IC and OAB, I'd had chronic bladder infections since I was in college (I'm now 51).  Over the last couple of years I'd had frequent infections, with the physician prescribing increasingly harsh antibiotics (I now suspect these were IC flares because he would tell me that there was no bacteria in my urine).  No mention of IC or OAB was made, leaving me puzzling about why I could be feeling so bad.

I had gotten to the point where I had constant pain, and I would have to leave a one-hour meeting at work two or three times to go to the bathroom (very embarrassing in a corporate setting).  I'd have to stop at a gas station at least once on my 20-minute drive to work.  Getting through the day was a torment.  I had stopped traveling and visiting with friends.  Everything I did revolved around finding bathrooms.  Because of the pain, I'd just stay home if I could.

I'd been to my doctor many times, and then to a urologist several times, who gave me a variety of unpleasant, invasive procedures.  He ruled out kidney stones and cancer, which was good, but never said a word about IC.

After months of pain and misery, my primary care physician finally mentioned IC as the possible problem (and I later had this confirmed by a specialist).  She gave me a scant information sheet that said to "avoid certain foods, like coffee, red wine, spicy food, and citrus."  She offered some medicine but admitted it often didn't work well and had bothersome side effects.  I'm not the kind of person to take medicine if I can help it, so I decided to just try avoiding the problem foods.

Of course, that isn't specific enough, so I'd have good days and bad days, and was unable to tell what was working and what wasn't.  (Now I realize that my bad days were related to what you cover in the book, but I didn't know that then.)

I did exhaustive internet searches and the conventional medical community is pretty much in agreement that "there is no cure."  I just couldn't believe it!  I thought, there must be a natural way to tackle this.  And then I found your site!

After reading your book, the pieces fell in place, and it all made so much sense to me.  It was suddenly completely evident why I was feeling so raw and horrible inside.

So this was about 10 weeks ago, and I was glad you said in your book to stick with it.  Your book was the first glimmer of hope that I had got from anyone.

I can't tell you how low-spirited and discouraged I was until the discovery in your book came into my life.  Almost immediately, I felt a little better.  However, I continued to have flares and twinges, off and on.  But still, I could tell was I getting better, little by little, every day.  And your "voice" was so confident and reassuring, telling me that I would get better.  You said it with such confidence, and I believed you!  And so I stuck with it.

And now, 10 weeks later, I feel really quite good, with the real breakthrough coming about 3 weeks ago.

The other day I was able to drive 2 hours to another town, sit in a meeting for 5 hours with only the normal breaks, and then drive home.  Something I could never have done ever a short time ago!

I feel I am reclaiming my life, able to walk about and socialize, and take care of business like a normal person.  My husband and family are so relieved, they worried and worried about me, how much pain I was in, how my life had altered for the worse, how scary it all felt… .

And now… how amazing it is to be pain-free!  You never fully realize how that chronic and constant pain wears you down until you're able to be free of it! —and from such simple, doable changes.

I believe the conventional medical community let me down terribly, as they have let down the other millions of IC sufferers out there.  I thought I had some strange, rare disease that no one knew about—so imagine how upset and frustrated I was when I realized that lots and lots of people suffer from this malady, most of them middle-aged women like myself!   Yet no one brought it up to me in all those pee-in-a-cup doctor visits I made, or the repeated visits to the urologist.  No one really took me seriously or had any solutions for me.  And I can tell from all the reading that I done on the topic that this is typical, and not the exception.  These women (mostly women, I am learning) are pretty much abandoned, with no hope or solution if they don't find your website.

Last night, I went out and did a whole bunch of yard chores...  Cleaned the pool, mowed the lawn, swept the decks and the garage... Just kept at it, and then realized... Wow!  I've been working out here quite vigorously for about 2 hours and I haven't had to go to the bathroom even once!  And no pain!  I feel like my old, energetic self.

Anyway, Marie (pardon me if I talk to you too familiarly, but as I mentioned, I feel you've stood by me through this journey, talking to me in my head when I most needed it), thank you—more than words can express—for your miracle cure and for giving me my life back.  Please feel free to use my story as a way to help others who are hesitant.  If I could speak to them myself, I'd tell them, "Don't spend another day in pain and misery.  Get this book!"

Beth B.
Morrisville, IL

How soon will you get results? Right away!  In just a few short days, you will begin to notice a reduction in your Overactive Bladder symptoms.  And in as little as 2 weeks, you'll know that you're on your way to being free of Frequent Urination and IC altogether.  Yes, you can be completely free from the curse of Overactive Bladder/IC in just a few weeks.
 Honest.  Really.  Truly.  No gimmicks.



Someone recently emailed me saying that this message sounds too much like a trumped up sales pitch.  Of course I'd like you to get the book, but it's not just to make a sale this message is sincere, and these words of confidence and enthusiasm are only trying to make you see that getting the book will be in your best intereststo conquer your OAB or IC and get them out of your life.



I have suffered from OAB and IC for ten years and have visited numerous doctors to no avail in helping me.

They made me feel like this was it for life, and, dare I say,
a lot of the time I didn't want to live anymore due to the constant pain.

I had to give up my relationship five years ago, as sex was a no-go, due to my bladder and urinary tract pain.  I even

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gave up all my social activities due to the embarrassment of frequently having to go to the toilet.  Yes, the nights were long and hard as I was always tired at work due to being up half the night.

Then, while looking on the Internet, I came across you're advertisement and let me say: You are my saviour!!!!!!

Wow, when I read the cause of my OAB and IC in your book, it hit me hard and I was absolutely stunned.  But boy, did it make perfect sense!!!!

I have followed your advice faithfully and it's just been over 6 weeks and what a huge difference this has made
to my life.  The constant pain has vanished and I now feel normal again.  What a relief it is never having to think of going to the toilet before I go out, and then again when I reached my destination, and then only to be bursting and stinging on the way home to rush to the toilet yet again. 

Maybe, too, I will get a new relationship going soon, eh, now that I'm a new person!!!!

For anybody who is undecided on Marie's explanation:
DO NOT waste a second longer to get in touch with this life changing book.  The cost is really nothing compared to how her advice WILL help you, as it did me!!!! Marie, God bless you girl!!!!

Janice W.
Spring City
, TN


I wish I could give you this eBook for free.  I really do.  But the ad that you clicked on to reach me costs money.  Advertising on the internet is costly, but it enabled you to find this life-changing book.  Book sales help to pay for this advertising.  In addition, just as you expect to be paid wages when you work, so too, an author is entitled to a fair wage.  The eBook's price of $37 is very reasonable for the numerous months of diligent work that went into writing it, and the many years of insightful thought and research that went into figuring it all out.

History has often recorded that one person's astute observations can bring new light to a problem that others could not see a solution to. Thus it is with OAB and IC — there is a perfectly logical, sensible explanation for it and the book will spell it out for you exactly, giving you all the whys and wherefores.  And it will do so in a simple language and style you can understand.  Also, and importantly, it will provide you with intelligible scientific evidence that proves beyond a doubt that the book's answer to OAB and IC is completely valid.  You may want to present this scientific material to your doctor after you're cured and no longer need medication.

As stated, the eBook comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.  So there is absolutely no risk on your part.   And imagine how happy you'll be when you get the book and find out that it really is the answer to your problem  People are writing to me—people who've had OAB and IC for years—saying that they're overjoyed that it's now gone (see Testimonials below).  Like them, by heeding the book's advice, your suffering will be over.  And that will be the end of it.

Although this is a recent discovery, we're already receiving comments from readers who are experiencing outstanding results.


 For 20 yrs, I've had chronic OAB, and I've spent many thousands of dollars on doctors and medications.  I'd have to go every hour during the day and get up every half hour all night long.  What a nightmare.  It's such a joy to have that nightmare over with.  Saying thank you doesn't begin to explain my gratitude.

Pamela R.
Sarasota, FL


 I've had frequent urination for years and had resigned myself to learning to live with it.  But now I feel blessed that it's no longer a problem.  Such a simple solution, but it all makes so much sense.  I can't thank you enough.

Christy S.
Freeport, IL


 I was somewhat skeptical when I first read your ad, but I figured I had nothing to lose. After reading the book, I decided to try your suggestions. And lucky for me I did. I'm grateful to say that I no longer suffer from frequent trips to the bathroom. And the uncomfortable feeling I seemed to always have in my pelvis and genitals is now gone too. Needless to say, I'm a believer in your explanation.

 Robert B.
 Lewiston, ID


 Over the years (before drugs for OAB came on the market), I had visited a number of doctors about my frequent urination problem.  Most told me that they couldn't help me or that it was all in my head.  But when the ads for OAB came on TV, I went to a doctor who recommended a new drug.  Desperate, I went on it.  It did relieve my problem somewhat, but I started suffering with side effects.  Seems I had just substituted one problem for another. Your drug-free solution is so much better.  I'm happy I finally know the cause of my problem and no longer have to suffer from it.  Thank you so much.

Katherine H.
Bellefonte, PA


I read your eBook and took your advice, and I am no longer plagued with constant trips to the bathroom. The burning sensation I used to have when I urinated is also gone. 

Mary K. Bristol, England


You saved me from my OAB and IC pain and misery! Your recommendation worked better than anything my urologists (I had been to several) had to offer.  I had quite a few procedures done to diagnose my IC.  Some were very painful and one procedure to distend my bladder with water and solution was done under general anesthesia.

Just before I got your eBook, my IC was so bad, I was urinating blood, and the pain was extreme.  My doctor said he never saw a bladder that inflamed.  And, by the way, I had to urinate about every 15 minutes and I was up and down all night long.

A few days after starting your recommendations, I began to feel better. I was still urinating quite a bit, but I felt better.  During this ordeal, my prostate was killing me and it was difficult to walk.  This symptom was the first to start clearing up.

My urinating frequency is now completely normal.  I'm feeling better than ever, and at my last Dr. visit, there was no sign of blood in my urine.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Barry J.
BC, Canada

I'm sincerely excited for you because I really do have the answer to OAB and ICAnd the testimonials you've just read clearly show that you can now put these terrible afflictions behind you.

At $37, this tell-all eBook is an incredibly low price to pay for the peace of mind and newfound comfort it will give you.  Finally, you’ll never have to worry about constantly rushing to the bathroom again.  And you'll derive the additional benefit of getting a good night's sleep.  Plus, the relief from pain, if you have IC.

So think of this $37 (one-time fee) as a house call, where this miraculous cure for your OAB or IC comes right to your house, directly to your computer, to read in the comfort of your home.  (The book will display on your computer screen in a friendly, large-size type that is a pleasure to read.  Or if you prefer, it can be easily printed to paper.  Anyone who can send and receive emails will be able to follow the simple directions for downloading the book.)

Moreover, when you consider the time, money, and effort you've spent over the years trying to resolve this discomforting problem, think of it this way:  If the book delivers on its promise to cure your OAB / IC and it definitely will — then it's actually the deal of a lifetime.  Because your search for a solution will be over.

Once you peruse its easy-to-read pages, and implement its advice, you’ll never have to suffer from IC or Frequent Urination again.  Think how  wonderful that would be.  And believe it!  For this is one wish that's about to come true.

Since the book comes with a money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Don't make the mistake of passing this relief-giving eBook by—exclusive copyrighted information you won’t find anywhere else.  Why should you let yourself continue to suffer when a safe, curative solution is available to you right now?


I'm over 60, but my husband (who co-authored the book with me) and I are presently in study to get our Doctor of Naturopathy degrees (a naturopathic doctor uses natural remedies to treat health problems).  This gives you an idea of my overall philosophy on health.  Yet, the information I offer was not gleaned from these academic studies.  Rather, it's a revolutionary discovery I made on my own after years of scientific scrutiny and intense contemplation.  Such things do happen in the course of human events.  Behind virtually every discovery is a person who pursued it with determination and diligence.

Until this discovery, trying to rid one's self of OAB or IC was elusive.  Like so many others, you may have spent numerous hours and hard-earned money at medical doctors who have not been able to give you a permanent resolution to your problem.

Although doctors can prescribe drugs that can minimally alleviate your symptoms, many people report that after a while the drugs give no relief at all, or the side effects become too bothersome to bear.  Not to mention the cost of these drugs, month after month.   That's why it's so important for you to understand the true cause  of Overactive Bladder and IC, so you can correct it now and start healing your body.

In short, prescription medications don't offer you a permanent solution.  But I do! a drug-free cure that makes complete biological sense and is free of side effects.  That's not only a promise, I guarantee it or your money back.

"Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life."  For your own well-being and future happiness, don't miss this opportunity to conquer your IC or Frequent Urination problems by ordering this life-changing information now, thereby freeing yourself from this distressing affliction.



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